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About Us

Empathy Care, based in Perth Western Australia, was founded by Ian Daly, who holds a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree, numerous industry qualifications and a nomination for the Federal Minister’s for Ageing Award for “Excellence in Aged Care" gained during his 30 years direct experience within the aged care industry.

This extensive background in care provision and complete independence, allows Empathy Care to consider your care needs when evaluating your options and to offer care provisions that values the individual and their family. Empathy Care regards ageing as a normal part of life and its vital to find the right service for your loved one to continue living their life.

Empathy Care strives at all times to minimise the stress on you and your family. The aim is to de-mystify the selecting process and obtaining the right care provider for you.

In working with you Empathy Care can assist you to determine whether your care needs can be met via Community Care or whether Residential Care is more right to your needs.

To arrange a confidential consultation in the comfort of your home please contact us.