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Community Care

Empathy Care understands that Residential Care is not always the only option, Community Care is also a very real and assessable service. It enables your loved one to stay home with the added support and services they need to make that possible.

There are many options available and like residential care it can be difficult to find these services and providers. During the initial consultation Empathy Care will be able to help determine how such care would meet your needs, if you are eligible for such services, which providers are available and advice as to your rights within the Community Care program.

Empathy Care will work with you to explore the various in home care options that might be available and suitable for your care needs. We will liaise with the various care providers on your behalf and help tailor a care plan to best optimise your care provisions.

In addition Empathy Care will arrange for a visit to the Community Care providers within the given area, negotiate services and expected outcomes of those services on your behalf. We liaise on your behalf across several providers if care needs require, and continue to act as an on-going point of reference once the Community Care has commenced if you wish.

Whatever your care needs, Empathy Care will assist you complete and register all necessary paperwork and processes to ensure you gain the care you deserve.

To arrange a confidential consultation in the comfort of your home please contact us.